“In deep space, a young girl’s survival will depend upon the strength of her heart.”

Ten years ago, comic readers met Loo, a 16-year-old girl stranded on an automated satellite in deep space. Her story of coming-of-age in a harsh and unyielding environment became a fan-favorite book around the world.

Now, the entire critically-acclaimed LITTLE WHITE MOUSE series is collected into this 448 page “Omnibus Edition”, including a new 4 page framing story "prequel" by series creator PAUL SIZER, and artistic contributions from artistic legends such as GEOF DARROW (Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot), DAVE JOHNSON (100 Bullets), LADRONN (Hip Flask), CHRIS SPROUSE (Tom Strong), JEFF MOY AND W.C. CARANI (Legion of Super Heroes), MARK CRILLEY (Akiko), MARK PAULIK (Chumba webcomic), MATT FEAZELL (Cynicalman), KARL ALTSTAETTER (Deity), JANE IRWIN (Vögelein), PAM BLISS (Paradise Valley Comics), and many others, this is the definitve collection for long-time fans and first time readers.
All images and characters ©Paul Sizer/Café Digital Studios. Not for use without express permission.