This game is taken from personal experience. The WORST deejaying for a wedding that I’ve ever been witness to was at a deejay’s wedding, and it blew my mind how bad and predictable it was. For a while, I thought it was some kind of inside joke, one DJ friend playing for another DJ all the horrible stuff they were forced to play at most weddings; no such luck, it was all on purpose. I would like to say that there’s nothing really wrong with any of the songs that I mention in this section, other than the fact that they get used in really predictable and boring ways at most weddings. Trust me, hearing “Oh Yeah” by Yello (one of my favorite groups of all time) played for the garter toss is a like a knife twisting in my side.
I deejayed my own wedding (thank you iTunes and iPod) and when I’ve done other friend’s weddings, the list of what not to play is usually longer than the actual requested songs. A few years ago I was at a wedding where I amazed my table with pulling Roxy’s stunt of naming all the songs that were going to be played before the DJ played them (I was much more courteous than Roxy) and it was in that moment that Wedding DJ Bingo was born.

These are set up to print out 2-up on a standard 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper or cardstock. There are 4 unique cards in this set, so up to 4 people can play at one time. Feel free to make up new rules and alternate winning strategies. Any rule used in regular bingo is fair play in this game.


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