Welcome to the online gallery for comic creator Paul Sizer's new multimedia sequential art project, B.P.M. (Beats Per Minute).

BPM is a full color 80+ page graphic novel written and drawn by Paul Sizer (LITTLE WHITE MOUSE, MOPED ARMY graphic novels). The graphic novel will contain the main story, plus a comprehensive sketchbook section and detailed playlists and notes. Plus, the book will also be linked with iMixes from the Apple iTunes website that provide a “soundtrack” to accompany the book, as well as playlists for each of the main DJ characters, showing each person’s musical tastes.

“B.P.M.” is Paul Sizer’s love letter to the music he loves. In combining the story of a young DJ with the power of computer enhanced artwork, Paul’s goal is to merge his love of comics and his love of music into a moving, dynamic story of passion, motivation and hard choices over following one’s creative dreams. Paul has challenged himself as a writer and artist, using new techniques to tell this story. Combining his art with hundreds of photos he’s taken in New York, Paul has worked to make
“B.P.M.” a unique visual experience as well as a thoughtful and engaging story that transmits the raw power and inspiration that music can generate.

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“Roxy is a DJ in the city that never sleeps; New York. She plays in small dark clubs and bars, hoping to make a name for herself in the complex and demanding club culture of New York. She is discovered by Robie, a burned out superstar DJ who ruled the club scene of New York for years, and now tells Roxy he can show her how to rise to the next level. As Robie’s teachings begin to empower Roxy’s music, she must make the choice of whether to follow her heart or the beat of the music she loves. Looking for the perfect beat is a journey; which path will Roxy decide to choose, and what will she leave behind?”



The following images are the steps for creating these images
1. Original 600 dpi black and white line art.

2. 300 dpi image, colored in PhotoShop CS, saved to layer with no background.
3. Illustrational component composited with photo background. Lighting effects done on seperate layers, color adjustments done on seperate layers, and final image flattened.

All B.P.M. images and logos are © PAUL SIZER/CAFE DIGITAL STUDIOS and may not be used without permission.