“Floating City” online game launches today!

Nearly a year in the making, Thomas Dolby’s “Floating City” online game launches today!

This has been a big one; I’ve been involved from the very beginning, working closely with Thomas on developing the look and design of this game, working with an international crack team of incredibly dedicated tech, coding, writing and project management geniuses to take my designs and make them actually work and function. It’s been a thrill to work with such a smart and savvy team on this project.
And now it’s out there for the world to play and explore.

Concept-wise, this is a really cool idea from Thomas; have a game that people can play, meet other Dolby fans from around the Earth, learn about his previous music, and hear bits of his new music. It’s a little post-apocalyptic, a little steampunk, a little “Mad Max”, and 100% geek-tastic! As deep and complex as Thomas’ songs are, this game is exactly the same. And it’s a game that rewards you for being smart, inquisitive, and willing to solve problems and think ahead!

This game launches today, Wednesday, June 22, at 6pm GMT, and will play out for the next 2-3 months, finishing up with the release of his new album “A Map of the Floating City” in late summer/early fall. And the prize at the end of the game? Well, I’m sworn to secrecy on this one, but I can say “Wow. Just Wow.” Dolby fans and new fans alike are gonna really dig this. If you have the time, please check it out and sign up to play.

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