Make Your Own Path


In the years that I have been freelancing as a graphic designer and a comic artist, the truest advice I’ve ever gotten from peers is “Make your own path”. It’s not always easy, and sometimes it seems impossible, but deciding where you want to move towards rather than waiting for someone to tell you will always lead you in a more interesting direction. When you wait for others to tell you where to go, you give up the power of making a decision, even a bad one, and learning from that decision. Some of the best things in my professional life have come from reacting to a stupid or terrible choice, and re-finding my balance.

This poster, inspired by parkour teacher Brandee Laird, is a translation of watching her move and apply her constantly evolving views towards an environment that can become roads instead of walls.

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Science Builds The Future 2015

This year’s version of my “Science Builds The Future” poster, which has been a hit with science educators and academics working to get young girls interested in the STEM science curriculums. I’m proud to promote the efforts of encouraging a rich, diverse and non-discriminatory/gender-balanced scientific community.

This poster, including the design elements and artwork is © Paul Sizer, and may not be used without permission. Please respect this. Feel free to share links to the image, but please give proper credit as you are able. Thank you!

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MIXTAPE:1984 arrives on Comixology!

FINALLY! My new graphic novella (the cool name for a shorter graphic novel) MIXTAPE:1984 is available as my first 100% digital book from my imprint Café Digital Studios, available through Comixology.

This is a “Guided View” digital comic, which means it dynamically adapts to the device it’s being viewed on, from phone to tablet to laptop, moving fluidly from panel to panel. It’s really cool to see. It’s a story of first love, awkward teen antics in high school, and finding the courage to step up and do what you love to do. Of course, it’s loaded with tons of 80′s music, and a play listing for the entire book. Because I will always be as much of a music geek as I am a comics geek.

MIXTAPE: 1984 is ©Paul Sizer/Café Digital Studios. All rights reserved.


Science Builds The Future 2014

An update of one of my more popular images. I’ve been overwhelmed with the love that the original poster garnered, and I wanted to expand on the theme of women in science, as a lot of fans were drawn to that originally. Still wanted to get the faux propaganda poster vibe across with the design.

This poster, including the design elements and artwork is © Paul Sizer, and may not be used without permission. Please respect this. Feel free to share links to the image, but please give proper credit as you are able. Thank you!

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Dolby and Sizer: On Stage

It is my pleasure to announce that I will be joining Thomas Dolby on stage Sunday, November 3rd at the Royal Oak Music Theatre stop of his INVISIBLE LIGHTHOUSE tour for an after-film Q&A session, a la “Inside the Actor’s Studio”. We’ll be talking about the collaborative work we’ve done on his album designs, the Floating City trans-media game, and the Invisible Lighthouse project, with a slide show of my work and images. If you are able to come, I would love to see you in the audience for what promises to be an interesting night. The Q&A session will be taped and available on YouTube after the event.

UPDATE: Sunday Nov 3rd’s Thomas Dolby concert is being moved to the Magic Bag located at 22920 Woodward Ave, Ferndale, MI 48220. Tickets already purchased for the Royal Oak will be valid at the Magic Bag. Doors still open at 7pm for the show.


Dolby’s INVISIBLE LIGHTHOUSE tour begins in UK/US

Once again I’ve been able to collaborate with friend and musical hero Thomas Dolby on his ongoing creative career, this time in the form of doing the design for his upcoming tour in support of his independently produced short film “The Invisible Lighthouse”, a film about an iconic lighthouse near his childhood home that is being shut down and the emotions and memories attached to this piece of fading history. Thomas made the film by himself, and is now taking it on the road (after winning some prestigious indie film industry awards) in the form of showing the film and playing the music of the film live on stage alongside the screen. It’s an amazing, personal film, and the stage show promises to be amazing as well, with a great set list and impacting visuals.

Thomas and I have been working on the graphics for the tour all summer, and now posters, CDs, t-shirts and other merchandise, along with a slew of promo graphics, will be hitting the internet and the tour. Check out Thomas’ site for the official tour dates and venues

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Strength Of Character, Character In Strength


Hello, my name is Paul Sizer, and I make images work for ideas.

I’ve been a freelance graphic designer, comic creator and illustrator since 1992, and during that time I’ve learned the trade of design and illustration, becoming a self publisher and business person alongside working to expand my skill set. I learned how to make messages and ideas grab people by the brain as well as by the eyes.

As a comic creator, I learned from the best that great characters yield great stories, so I have always worked to build the most interesting characters I could to get my stories and messages across. I learned that you need to create characters that you love, respect and care for, so that you will want to follow them through the good times and the challenging times, when they are winning and when they are losing.

And from the beginning, I learned that good characters have no requirements for gender, sexual identity, color, creed, size, shape or philosophical view. Good is good, interesting is interesting. Period. I learned early on the importance of strength of character, but also that there is character in that strength, of how you use it and how it directs and guides you.

I’m getting ready to start another story. Hopefully with interesting and complex characters. I hope you’ll be along for the ride.

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Sizer, Eason and Kenjji at June Art Hop

I’ll be part of a gallery show this June at the Metropolis Gallery in downtown Kalamazoo! Friday, June 7th at the monthly ART HOP is the opening reception, and you can meet me and my talented co-exhibitors, Blake Eason and Kenjji Jumanne-Marshall! Three comic artists working to show that comics extend well beyond the panel.

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